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The United States and other first world countries are awash in metabolic disease, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, primarily due to the over-consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugar, in our diets.

Right now, more than 1 in 3 adults, and about half of people over 60, have metabolic disease.  Metabolic disease consumes 75% of every healthcare dollar, yet, an estimated 75% of metabolic disease is preventable if we would just do something about our diets*. 

Preventing or mitigating metabolic disease through a better diet has the potential to save the US $2 trillion annually, prevent untold and needless suffering, and improve  the qualify of life of people all around the world.

Nowhere is the need more obvious than at breakfast time.  We call it the most important meal of the day, yet most people fill up on cheap carbohydrates and sugar, or simply skip it all together.  We believe that by helping transform breakfast into the most important meal of the day, we can contribute to better health and a better world.

* Dr. Robert Lustig, NPR 11/17/2016